Bacopa Monnieri As A Brain Fog Cure

September 30 2018

Bacopa Monnieri As A Brain Fog Cure

We’ve all experienced the feeling of being in a hazy reality at some point in our lives or another, so we’re all somewhat familiar with what’s commonly known as brain fog. That state where you feel scattered brained, unable to concentrate, and generally feel like you’re completely disorientated even though you don’t have any reason to be.

Why You Need To Acknowledge Brain Fog

Many people shrug off the symptoms of brain fog – which include confusion and difficulty focusing – in the hopes that the feeling will pass sooner rather than later. However, the experience of ‘brain fog’ is actually caused by an inflammation in the brain and ignoring it can sometimes cause it to become a lengthier experience than it needs to be. 

When the brain becomes inflamed, it causes the conduction between neurons to slow down which generally means your entire mental process will take on a sluggish pace.  If our neurons are working slowly, the production of energy produced in the mitochondria found throughout our bodies also slows down, making us tire more easily and lose concentration. 

One of the best ways to eliminate this sense of brain fog is by making use of the herb Bacopa Monnieri, which is used in our brain supplement Better Focus for boosting your focus and memory.

How It Cures Brain Fog

Certain studies conducted to explore the effectivity of the herb have found that it has specific properties that work to stimulate the communication between synapses. This means that the herb helps our bodies increase the rate of conduction between our neurons and reduces inflammation, which then enables the production of energy to be increased.

This is due to the fact that the herb has the compounds of bacosides A and B, which are two chemicals that are known to improve the speed of transmissions between our nerve cells.

With your neurons working at a faster pace, you’re not going to be as likely to experience the disorientating and confusing state of ‘brain fog’ which is what obviously makes it difficult to function normally. It’s also been found that Bacopa Monnieri works to support improved learning as it enhances a variety of other mental functions as well, so you’ll be benefitting even further from its lasting effects. 

Additionally, Bacopa Monnieri is highly recommended as it has the ability to increase the production of the hormones serotonin and dopamine, which are the chemicals within our brains which boost our mood and keep us feeling happy.

Generally, the herb is one that speeds up our mental processes and allows our brains to function as well as they should be. With this higher rate of neuron conduction, you’re going to feel a lot more productive and able to focus on your work rather feel as if you’re cloud of fog.  

If you’re prone to experiencing that awful state of being disorientated and being unable to concentrate on what you’re meant to be doing, don’t just ignore it. It’s likely that you’re suffering from a common type of brain inflammation, so it’s a good idea to consider making use of a natural supplement such as Better Focus™ that includes Bacopa Monnieri. The safe and natural use of this help will then help to balance your brain and get you back to being productive.

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